Care for individuals

Care for individuals

How can we help you?

For many people the decision to seek help and support at home is a difficult one, but we are here to guide you every step of the way. By working together, we will make sure that you have the support in place to live every day to the fullest.

St. Michael’s Home Care can help you in many different ways:

• If you are elderly or disabled and need help around the home
• If you have an ongoing medical condition and need help managing at home
• If you need live-in support with a greater level of care
• If you need temporary care following an illness or surgery
• If you care for a loved one and need temporary respite care

Some examples of the type of help St. Michael’s Home Care provides:

Personal care
Whether it’s making a morning cuppa, preparing your breakfast or helping you with getting up, washing and dressing, we can make sure the day gets off to a good start.

We can help with your shopping, whether it’s getting some groceries or your favourite magazines, we are there to make sure you have everything you need close to hand.

If you need to go somewhere, perhaps to the doctors or into town, our staff can make sure you get there and home safely. We can also help with collecting any prescriptions you need.

We know that many people worry about keeping their home clean and tidy, so our friendly staff will be happy to help with the housework and keep your home looking its best.

We can take care of the things that may not be so easy for you to manage, such as your washing and ironing and changing bed linen.  

We treat all our clients as individuals, so we always make sure that we provide you with carer that you feel relaxed and comfortable chatting with.