Answers to some of the most common questions we are asked.

Q. I need help but I don’t know where to start, can you help?

We aim to make the process as simple as possible for you. Please contact us so we can talk through the best way of moving forward.

Q. Do you only treat people dying of cancer or the elderly?

We provide care to anyone aged 18 or over in our community who may or may not have a life limiting illness and who requires care within their home.

Q. Are you part of St. Michael’s Hospice?

No, but we are wholly owned subsidiary, with all profits generated being reinvested into St. Michael’s Hospice.

Q. Will my care assistant come on the same day every week?

We will do our best to plan a schedule of care around you.

Q. What is the cost of St. Michael’s Home Care?

As each of our clients’ needs are different, the cost of care varies for everyone. We will be happy to meet with you to discuss costs and find the best solution for you.

Q. My loved one needs care but they will not accept it.

We find clients are considerably more open to the idea of receiving care when they have the chance to meet us face-to-face.

Q. Am I entitled to state funded care?

To check if you are eligible for state funded care we advise you to contact your GP, district nurse, social worker or other healthcare professional.

Q. Will I always have the same care assistant?

We will do our very best to ensure that your care assistant is a good match for you and that they are your regular point of contact.

Q. Are you able to provide 24hr home care?

Yes. Please contact us to discuss how this may work for you.

Q. What happens in an emergency?

We provide a 24 hour support line. In addition, all of our clients receive a guide for emergencies, so you have peace of mind that we will always be there when you need us.